Special Events Need Specialized Insurance Coverage

The memories of good times, good food and a parade that only comes once a year will linger with all of us some time now that this year’s national holiday of Thanksgiving has passed. The annual parade that takes place in NY City has become a spectator’s dream – something that fairy tales are made of.

From the insurance perspective of course, such a huge pageant needs more than average protective coverage. In fact, there is specialized insurance for all forms of public events.

Those that fall in the category for event liability exposure include:

– Beer Garden / Beer Tent Events
– Concerts
– Musical Productions
– Festivals
– Celebrations
– Sport Events
– Motor Vehicle Exhibitions
– Auto Shows
– Conventions
– Trade Fairs
– Expos
– Fund Raisers
– Parades
– Big Picnics
– Weddings
– Receptions
– Public Extravaganzas

The following are genuine special even insurance claim scenarios:

General Liability Insurance Coverage

– As an event employee directed the vehicular traffic, a motorcycle struck a pedestrian at the street corner. The man suffered an ankle fracture as well as spinal injuries. The related claim involved more than $68,000 in hospital bills and loss of wages.

– While walking around the enclosed kids skating event, a parent tripped over a loose piece of carpet and broke her leg. Doctors determined she required immediate surgery. Medical costs exceeded $23,000.

– A social guild performed at a local high school auditorium. Though the fake blood used during the play was a factor in the performance’s success, it did not help them financially. The school sued the guild for damages incurred when the ‘blood; used in the play stained the stage curtain. Damages amounted to $7,500.
Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage

– An attendee at a Fourth of July event, drank many rounds of alcoholic beverages. After leaving the festivities to go home, the man crashed into another vehicle. The other driver incurred many injuries, prompting $300,000 in doctor and hospital bills. In addition to suing the intoxicated perpetuator of the accident, the victim sued the event director as well due to his negligence in offering alcoholic beverages to a man that already was drunk.

– An underage participant at a beer tent party drank so much alcohol that he became intoxicated. Instead of being driven home by someone else, the teen drove his car himself. The teenager lost control of the car, smashed into a telephone pole and suffered extensive face injuries. The teen’s parents sued the event sponsor along with the beer distributor for $150,000 in damages while declaring unlawful serving of alcohol to a minor.

– All went perfectly fine at the rodeo until an intoxicated participant walked across the street to enter the event and was hit by an automobile. The victim died as a result of the impact. The event’s insurance company handled a comprehensive investigation that led to irrefutable proof that the dead man had a.26% blood alcohol level but was not given drinks by the rodeo employees. The entire matter was dropped without significant payout.